Night lights

Last night I was able to relax in bed and read before I went to sleep. Then when it was time to sleep, Craig turned off the light and we went to bed. It was glorious. You might think glorious is too strong of a word but then again, you might have the option of doing that every night. I haven't been able to sit in bed with a light on for almost 2 years because someone else has always been there too. A little someone. And before that little someone was there, another little someone was in his spot although I might have had a few months in between. While it can be inconvenient at times, not having lights on while searching for my pajamas is not nearly enough of a hardship for me to give up the joys of the family bed.

But last week Lucy decided she was ready to move from her floor bed to the big bed. Both are twins and have been in her room for a while but she kept saying she wanted to sleep in the high on, then changing her mind about 30 minutes after we tucked her in. So when she announced completely out of the blue that she didn't need her night time music anymore and she was ready for a big bed, Craig and I were smiled incredulously at each other and helped her move up there. Surprise, surprise, it stuck this time!

The next morning, I told her that since the floor bed was free, Jonah could have it and they could share the room. That got her excited and right after breakfast she helped me move over his clothes, blanket and green baby (yep, green baby is still around albeit she is now a he).

They are both pretty excited about sharing a room although I'm not quite sure why. Since they still can't fall asleep in the same room (too much talking and playing), Jonah falls asleep in the master and I move him over. Then he wakes up about 1am and toddles back over to climb in with us again. So she never really sees him in that bed although they do make their beds together in the morning so I guess she knows he was there at some point.

Either way, the arrangement is working out really well for me. I wasn't quite ready to go cold turkey with having a  nighttime toddler buddy. But that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying my new ability to read in bed relaxed with a light instead of huddled under the covers with the kindle fire for the time I've got it. With lights, I can read a real book! Whichever one I want! And if I read something interesting, I can turn to Craig and say something in a semi-normal voice. Oh, the joy!

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