A Mother's Daybook - June 24th

Doing - Not much and yet a lot. By that I mean I felt like we were really busy last week but I'm not sure what we were busy doing. I barely even did anything for Father's Day. I called my dad and left a message and the kid's made Craig cards (in fact, I think Lucy ended up giving him six because she kept making them and couldn't decide which was her favorite). No cute t-shirts with car racing massage paths or mustache themed key dishes here. In fact, the poor guy spent his day painting our breezeway and then helping me give a chicken a sitz bath (ah, the glamorous life of a homeowner!) I do feel a little bad we didn't do more but then again, we just aren't big gift or (non-liturgical) holiday people. I take that back, we did have brownies and ice cream. I never turn down an excuse for chocolate or ice cream.

Planning and Preparing - For Kindergarten. I feel like I say that every one of these but I keep bringing the start date forward. I've just (re)learned lately that Lucy does NOT do well without some sort of school schedule going. Which is a bit ridiculous for a 5 year old but these past few weeks with her I dropped table time, math and reading in lieu of more free play time and the result has not been a success. As in, I'm about to wring this child's neck not good. She has many wonderful gifts that God will use for his glory. Just keep telling yourself that, MacKenzie!

Reading - Raising Your Spirited Child - a reread :-) Also, the bible. I'm sure a big contributing factor to our hard June was my being lax about bible reading in the morning. I finished up leading a study on Philippians and I have to say, I've kinda given up (temporarily) on memorizing it. My brain just can't function that way while pregnant/on zofran. I've continued to study it and I know it really well right now and God has certainly used it in my life these past few months but I can't seem to make the step from knowing it really well to word for word memorization. And I'm okay with that but when I stopped studying it, I never started studying anything else and that was an issue. So yesterday I just kept going past Philippians to Colossians and I only had to go a few verses before I had read what I needed. I think Colossians 1:11 is going to be my new morning prayer for this season!

Watching - On nights when the weather is bad and we get the kids to bed at a decent time, some fun BBC documentaries. (H/T to Karen and her pinterest page). Right now I'm on At Home with the Georgians. On nights when the sun has been out, I can't seem to deny them that last bit of summer fun so they stay up late and instead of a show, I end up watching them ride their bikes, Lucy now without training wheels, and Jonah now without any sort of caution at all. Seriously, the kid finds a hill and glides down it, only stopping inches from whatever barrier he comes upon. Or he takes it up onto a rock wall and seems shocked when he falls off the three inch wide surface. Luckily he seems to bounce.

Listening - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Lucy started piano lessons with me a few weeks back and can now play an actual song. It's so cute to listen to her play. As I mentioned above just a couple of times, she and I have been having a bit of a rough patch so its nice to appreciate the few things we've cooperated well on (piano and bike riding mostly!)

Eating - Blueberries. After tons and tons of rain, the sun finally came out long enough for me to be able to say "Yes!" to the kid's repeated questions of "Is it a good blueberry picking day?" We got two bucketfuls (4 gallon sized freezer bags plus enough for a cobbler or two and plenty of fresh eating) before their helpful attitudes began to fizzle out. Now we just have to find our copy of Blueberries for Sal. We couldn't find it last time we went blueberry picking either. I swear we read it all year and then the one week we intentionally look for it, it's gone!

Making - A teeny tiny blanket. While we dropped everything else, we are still finishing up The Alphabet Path but the last few weeks have not been the greatest. U and V just aren't great letters. But W turned out to be surprisingly fun. There are a couple great W books - Where the Wild Things Are and Wemberly Worried are the two biggest hits. And Lucy and I started her first big handicraft project - weaving. It's been a hit and as soon as its done, I'll be sure to share more info. Then I've got a few picture books to read for the letters X and Y but really all that's left is a trip to the Zoo for letter Z.

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