Beginning my Book of Centuries

Craig got me this lovely Book of Centuries back in February. Then I got sick and it sat on a shelf for a few months. But I recently got it down and - actually wrote in it!

My third entry (My first two were Lucy and Jonah's births). It was so pretty and fresh that it was a bit nerve-wracking to write in it but now I can't wait to add more.

Sitting on my nightstand (or what Jonah calls my "island" because I guess it doesn't seem much different than the kitchen island) underneath my commonplace book. It doesn't actually sit there because I got nervous it was too visible to Jonah and his little pen-loving self so I moved it to inside the drawer where hopefully it will be forgotten by him, but not by me. I hope that by the time Lucy is ready to start hers, mine will be filled with examples to show her. 


  1. I actually haven't started a BoC yet--I'm waiting to start mine alongside my two oldest when it's time. I love seeing yours! There's a little thrill and nervousness in that first entry of a lifelong book, isn't there? :)

  2. I didn't start a BOC before my children started - but I think your approach is fabulous! A side aspect is that by then, working in your BOC will be a natural habit for you, and therefore, will be easier to naturally work into the kids' days because you'll already have the habit! So fantastic!!!