Grand Plans and Impromptu Handicrafts

Lucy is my idea kid. She'll see something and come up with these grand plans. I hate always having to rein her in but at the same time, we can't build a chateau in our backyard, kwim? (I've solved that one but telling her that when she's a grown up, maybe she could buy some land and build one for herself)

Last week she saw some kids painting birdhouses at a park and spent the whole drive home telling me how she wanted to build one. I thought she would forget about it but after her quiet time, she drew up these elaborate plans to show Craig how she wanted him to help. The supplies are on the left  (wood or cardboard, paint, glue, sandpaper, a small knife, etc) and the rest is not just the final picture but views from each side with arrows showing how it will be put together. 

And this time, we went with it. Well, Craig did. The two of them spent the next day getting it all put together and then she painted it. I admit I was a bit skeptical when they first started, mostly worried that it wasn't going to turn out how she envisioned and the resulting bad attitude might mean we all would pay. But it actually turned out pretty cute. I mean, it's no chateau but if I was a pretend cardboard bird, I'd be happy living in it. 

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