Thanksgiving Memories

How does a Jabberwocky loving boy respond when his uncle tells him to get ready to catch a ball? By throwing out his arms and saying "Come to my arms, my beamish boy!"

Lucy: My tummy is feeling too full but I'm not done with my pie.
Me: Well, if you're feeling full, maybe you should stop eating.
Lucy: I can't stop! It's pie!

I got several books that told the original Thanksgiving story but there was one clear winner for Lucy, The Very First Thanksgiving Day. She sat and memorized the whole book. It's a poem and she even worked on her rhythm and accents until she could recite it very well - and every one else in the house could too :-) Then she found a feather and completely on her own made a headdress like the illustrations showed on the "Indians, skillful and strong" section. 

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