Bathroom Basement Beginnings

We're starting a new project - adding a bathroom to the basement! But this time, someone else gets to do the work and we just have to make decisions. Turns out, that's still a lot of work! It's fun work but I'm starting to get decision fatigue. When that happens, I have to step back and try to see my vision. (Or grab a mug of ice cream and watch some Once Upon A Time.)

Luckily I started pinning bathrooms way before I even thought this bathroom would happen. And they are pretty consistent. I like what I like. (It also tells me that I LOVE pinterest at times like this. I'm not sure how I'd be able to do this without it. I need to see somethings to make sure what I'm seeing in my mind will work)

So white subway tile it is. I'm not crazy enough to think I can keep a white grout decent so I'll go with a light gray, which pinterest also told me that I like:

That's my basic starting point. I also want to keep hints of the 50s since that was when our house was built. Similar to my aim with our kitchen remodel. It's gonna be new. I'm not out to be featured on retro renovation but I do want a subtle nod to our home's roots to shine through. And you can't get more classic than black and white which works for us because Craig was partial to a darker floor and he didn't have a whole lot of opions so I feel like I should at least listen to the few he has. We're still working out exactly what we'll go with but so far, some sort of black hex tile seems to be pulling ahead.

So far that's a lot of black and white. Mostly white. Which is really not as easy as it sounds. I'm trying to make sure 4 different whites at least go together and don't clash. And white is not white. No, it's gotta be soft white or crisp white or artic white. Ahhh! I was actually dreaming about shades of white last night. Literally.

I've picked out as much as I can online and comparing what I can get it stores and now I just gotta wait and see what it actually looks like in our space. Cross your fingers! Then I get to work on a few of the smaller, and hopefully less stressful details.

But seriously, it's gonna be fun! And hopefully since I won't be swamped doing the actual work, I'll be able to keep y'all up to date with other decisions as they happen. Until next time...

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