May Photo Dump

May was our first big school break. And despite what seemed like a much rainy may than normal, boy did we pack in the fun. And I actually got a few pictures of it.

Science Museum:
 It seems like just the day before this Norah was taking her first steps with her walker wagon and look at her now, exploring the moon!

  Baby Selfie!

Extra time for Art and a first time with soft pastels - messy but fun!

Bread dough turned into dog food, dog bowls and dog toy

Climbing trees at the park (helmets leftover from riding scooters to get to trees). 

Rolling down the hill. A childhood classic.

Not all fun, we had a few bumps and bruises.

And some tantrums. 

 Lots of reading. Lucy did the read aloud challenge and did great! About half way through the month she told me that she was so much better at reading and that it was a lot of fun because the "words go so fast its like a real story now!" She's been stuck at the level where she can read but lacks stamina and speed and gets frustrated with herself so this was a big step up for her, motivation wise. 

 Jonah "reading" to Twilight Sparkle? Or diamond somebody?  Sorry, I don't know my ponies.

 The Sculpture Garden. We hadn't been there before and I was underwhelmed. But that might also be because I picked the hottest and most humid day to go.

 Some handicrafting

 Lots of pretending.

 Daddy/daughter cake decorating contest to finish out the American Heritage Girl year.

Some math for fun. Really, I mean, not really Norah. But Lucy found a partially done Singapore Kindergarten book from last year and treated it like an activity/coloring book. Weird homeschool kid doing math for fun ;-)

And now it's June and school's restarting. Kinda. We have lots of adventures coming up so we'll be on and off but I'm glad we are back in our regular routine on the days when we are home at least. 

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