A bathroom mood board.

I don't think I've ever made a mood board before (or have I? Maybe I have? It seems like something I would do but I can't think of one) but as I've been ordering things and trying to picture them together, I got to the point where I knew one would be helpful. And it was. I'm liking it!

My biggest worries are

1) clashing whites. I'm not going to be a perfectionist but they will be right up against each other so I hope they aren't all totally different undertones. I will not stress about this. I will not stress about this. I will not stress about this. Do y'all believe me yet? Me neither. 

2) The vanity. A pedestal would be the right choices aesthetically-speaking but that won't work here at all as I have no other storage is this bathroom. I don't need a ton because we will (eventually) have other storage in the basement but I do need some.  It's coming Thursday and I hope I like it. I already plan to switch out the knobs for an oil-rubbed bronze to match everything else which bothers my frugal side but it can't be helped.

3) The floor. I had one I really thought I'd like but then reviews said it was pretty but looked dirty very quickly. Uhm, no, that won't work. Then I found something I thought was very pretty and while I was worried about it being a natural stone and more work to maintain, I was sure I would love it in person enough that I would deal with it. Then we went and looked at it and it was - okay. Whomp whomp. So we ordered this, my second, less expensive, more durable choice that the practical mom side of me had set aside. But we got it and I really like it. The durable, easy to maintain side is a very nice bonus. Whew.

The first six things are ordered and either sitting in our basement or on the way. The last three are still up in the air so I just stuck in some space holders for now that are similar to what I'm thinking of. I'll pick out exactly what I want once I see the rest come together.

1) Wall Tile (Full shower and half wall rest of the room) - Rittenhouse Square 
2) Floor Tile - Metro Hex 
3) Vanity - Gela
4) Sink Faucet - Kingston Brass Metropolitan
5) Shower Valve - Kingston Brass Vintage
6) Shower Pan - Kohler Salient

7) Mirror
8) Fun Art? Totally not sure what yet but something colorful so this doesn't end up looking like a prison.
9) Wall Paint (upper half room)

Right now, it looks like this. Which is thrilling for me but probably less so for y'all.

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