Classics Challenge: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

This is my adventure classic selection. I had originally started the first Waverly novel but I got to over a third of the way through it and was still waiting to for it to pick up. I do want to go back eventually because so many people, including my beloved Charlotte Mason, loved it so there's got to be something there. I did actually record a few quotes from it in my commonplace book but the plot...moves...so....slowly. So this review isn't about that book but another.

I decided to help myself out by picking a kids book. I'd never read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and since I'll be expecting my kids to read it in third grade, I figured I should know what I was getting into. I know that it can be read as an allegory and while some might enjoy spending time looking for hidden meanings everywhere, I knew that would sap my enjoyment of it completely so I chose to read it the way I think my kids will in a few years - as children's nonsense story.  And as that, I enjoyed it. It was silly and random but fun. I can see my kids laughing out loud at some sections. The words he uses are funny, the situations are funny and there is just enough tension that a young child will wonder how Alice will escape her adventures. I don't have a ton to say about it but I'm happy to see it on the Ambleside Online year 3 booklist.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is my Adventure Classic for the Back to the Classics Challenge over at Books and Chocolate.

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  1. I have to suspend all my analytical tendencies to enjoy Alice. It's meant to be silly, but I always want to find meaning in it.

    If you have any listening time available, the podcast Disney Story Origins did an episode on Alice. Since I grew up with the Disney version, it was fun to hear the original compared side-by-side with the movie.