I am the 12th Man!

So we have mentioned the church softball team that Craig is on a couple of times. Last week was another game but for some reason, a couple of girls weren't going to be able to make it. This is quite a problem because, as a co-ed team, you have to bat a girl to be able to bat a guy. If you are short girls, I guess you just get automatic outs. I don't really understand it all but I think that is the basic idea. This league has all sorts of weird rules, like you start with 1 strike and 1 ball before you even get up there and if you hit it over the fence, it isn't a home run, it's a strike - very weird.

Anyway, Craig said I might be needed, so even though it was ridiculously hot outside considering it is only June and we live in Utah for Pete's sake, I got all suited up. I even warmed up. Okay, I put on sneakers and played catch for a couple minutes but that's not the point. At 6:00, our team was ready to play but sadly, the other team was no where to be found. In fact, the ump didn't even show up. Not to be discouraged, we just made two little teams and scrimmaged. I played 1st base which was okay since we were just having fun but in general is too much pressure for me. I also batted quite a bit (everyone bats quite a bit when there are only 5 people on your "team"). It was fun, despite the heat and the lack of real opponents. So there you have it, my real life story of being the 12th man (or should I say 12th woman). Maybe the church will put up a statue of me...no, they probably have rules against that sort of thing. Statue or not, tomorrow is another game and they think they might be short on girls again so I will be there, in my red tee shirt, ready if needed.

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