Tweets in the News

Upon hearing the news that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting "telephone metadata" from Verizon business customers, I composed this tweet that I thought was humorous, but not necessarily original.

Much to my surprise, my brother called me later to tell me that that tweet was quoted on the NBC Nightly News. I was surprised not that it was used, but that my brother was watching NBC Nightly News. Here's the clip (if it doesn't take you directly there, skip to 3:22 in the video).

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And a screenshot:

I've always wanted to share a news clip with Al Gore. Dreams can come true. I had planned to sit back and await internet fame, but then I realized that nobody that watches the evening network news actually uses the internet. Oh well.

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  1. Your "Flood's" photo is in the Leader this week, too. Remember us when you make it big.