The things they say

Me: Let me wipe your nose.
Jonah: No, pushes me away, I like my boogers.
Lucy: I don't like my boogers. That's why I'm always picking me nose. To get them out.

We're getting to that initial lying stage. The one where it is hard not to laugh because they are just so bad at it.

Me: I smell something. Jonah, did you poop in your undies?
Jonah: Noooo. Noona poop my undies.
Me: If someone pooped in your undies, I'm pretty sure it was you, not your sister.
Jonah: Uhm...

Jonah: I want Noona paper. 
Me: No, you can't have hers. You have your own.
Jonah: I want neeewww paper.
Me: No, your paper is just fine, you haven't even used it yet.
Jonah: Looks at me, rips paper in half.
Jonah: Uh-Oh, Jojo paper rip. Need new paper!

Lucy: Let's play I Spy
Jonah (holding his black socks): I spy something black - and my socks.
Me: Is it your socks?
Jonah: YES!

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