A Math (Test?)

Craig was out of town this week until late last night. So Tuesday I thought I'd take the kids to a real restaurant all by myself. I have no idea where I got that insane idea from but the kids eat free special means I got a really good deal.

And while we waited for our food, Lucy entertained Jonah with the notebook and crayons I had brought. I may not believe in formal education for very little ones, but apparently she doesn't agree.

Lucy: Here are 3 blue circles and 4 yellow circles. How many circles are your favorite?
Jonah: 3!
Lucy: Uhm, what is your favorite color today?
Jonah: Blue!
Lucy: Oh, I thought it was yellow (it normally is yellow). In that case, correct!

Lucy:  Mommy, use your fingers to help him. Four people are in a tent.
I put up 4 fingers
Lucy: 2 people fall asleep (my guess - not the kids!)
I put two fingers down
Lucy: How many people are awake?
Jonah: 2!
Lucy: Correct. You are doing great!

Squares on the left, a tent on the right

Lucy: Here is a big square and a little square. Point to the big square.
Jonah: that one! Points in the direction of the paper
Lucy: Well, I can't really tell which one you pointed at.
Jonah: The big one
Lucy: Oh, then you are right. You won the math!

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