2015 Reading Update

I've been feeling kinda lame when it comes to my goals and resolutions this year. Now, I know I have a pretty good excuse and growing a baby is way more important than doing lots of reading or cleaning or studying of french. But I thought it would be fun to see what I've read so far this year and inspire me to start trying again to at least read a little bit in the mornings when I'm feeling alright. I'm happy with my progress. I've read mostly harder books so far this year and I've put a few that I'm really looking forward to on my ILL request list as well so hopefully I can coast to an easy fall full of newborn nursing light reads. 

Books for 2015

- Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature*
-The Inn of 6th Happiness*
-The Hiding Place
-Only a Novel: The Double Life of Jane Austen


-Norms and Nobility

-The Living Page 

-Charlotte Mason Volumes 2 (finish), 4 and 5 - I was able finish 2 and read 4 but had to drop out of the book 5 discussion.

-Consider This

-Protecting the Gift - I don't want to read this one but I know I need to
-Something about intense/gifted parenting - have a suggestion?
-Something marriage related. Maybe Sacred Marriage?

Other Non-fiction

-When Athens Met Jerusalem*

-Laura Ingalls Wild, Farm Journalist: Writings from the Ozarks

-The Deadliest Monster

Classics and Harder Fiction
-Something by Dickens - I've started a Tale of Two Cities. It's not the speediest of novels but I'm chugging along.

-Middlemarch - 

-Plutarch - 1-2 lives. I loved the first one I read but got stuck on the second more because of the format I was having to read it in than the work itself. Will try again!

-Kristin Lavransdatter*


Medium Weight Fiction

-Gilead*  Dropped this when I got sick. I wasn't really feeling the Gilead love so I'm not sure if I'll check it out again or not.

-The Housekeeper and the Professor*

-China Court: Hours of a Country House*

Fluffy Fiction
-Three Men in a Boat
-Hillsboro People
-More Lord Peter Books* - whatever I can get my hands on for cheap/free
-Lady Audley's Secret
-Rest of the Thursday Next series - only 3 to go?
-Hannah Fowler*
-Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good

Pre-Reading (Ambleside)
-Understood Betsy
-Daughter of Time (With AO Forum)
-Watership Down (With AO Forum) 
-Idylls of the King (With AO Forum) Dropped this but am replacing it with MacBeth now that I'm feeling better. That's fair I think :-)
-Start Pre-reading AO Year 1 as I buy them

To Finish
-Once and Future King - I was enjoying it but it got put aside and lost. I need to find it, then finish it
-The Princess and the Goblin

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