Breezeway Stage 3 - Progress

We've slowly been working on the breezeway and it's starting to look pretty good. Just to recap - here is what we started with (kinda - this was after the new door and trim removal).

Since then, I've put up a second update. Since then we've added a drying rack. It's pretty low but I wanted the kids to be able to use it themselves. They can. If they will remains to be seen...

We also added a shoe bench and cabinet. Yep, this breezeway is pretty much all Ikea, all the time.

The shoe cabinet was our most recent addition and it really helps control the clutter. I'm pretty strict about shoes. The kids really get one pair of play shoes per season but add in rain/snow boots in the winter and sandals in the summer plus and church shoes for Lucy and suddenly, it's tiny shoes everywhere! And our precious organization method of "toss everything in a rubbermaid tote" was not helping.

Some smaller updates include Craig's replacing the broken screen door handle so it doesn't bang everytime the wind blows (Yay!) and installing a sensor light on the screen door. The breezeway has a light but the switch is inside the house which means if you came home and the light is off, you had to find your keys in the dark. Not fun. Oh, and we got a new doorbell. It can play about 20 different songs which seemed fun but I ended up picking the generic ding-dong. I feel like that says something about my personality but I'm not sure I want to think about it too much.

  • added door between breezeway and garage
  • removed weird angled trim
  • took the texture off the ceiling
  • primed everything
  • painted ceiling and trim white
  • painted walls gray
  • Added door trim and caulked it
  • tiled floor
  • Switched out the black and transparent gold light switch and outlet for white ones. 
  • Replaced pineapple light fixture with simple one
  • installed shelves and coat hooks
  • installed drop down drying rack 
  • added shoe bench 
  • added shoe cabinet/storage
  • replaced broken screen door handle
  • installed sensor light to door
  • replaced doorbell
  • Find recycling containers. None of the ones I see are big enough. We have a lot of recycling, especially paper. I guess we could take it out more often since the paper recycling bin is in our church parking lot but its enough to get us all dressed and to church without worrying about that every week too. I'll keep searching. 
  • The doors. With four in this room, it isn't surprising they take up a substantial portion of the work. I want to paint the new door aqua/teal, and get a new door into the house (with a number keypad - my dream!)
  • Some more color in the form of art on the walls. I'm all about printables after searching for gallery wall art and since the free part of that really suits my budget, I'm guessing that's what I'll end up with. Maybe a pineapple to honor the previous light fixture?
  • Figure out how to take a decent picture of this tiny space!
Getting so close to being done! The art might happen sometime soon. The other things probably won't. But right now this room is really functional and as recently as last June it was a total mess. Baby steps really do make progress.

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  1. I'm surprised you don't have curbside recycling! I thought all of STL was on that bandwagon.