Classics Challenge: A Room with A View

I had picked out a different book for my 20th century selection but I was going to read it with a group and that kinda fell through. I started searching for a replacement when I spotted A Room with A View on the a list. At first I passed it by because surely I had read it before. I mean, it's exactly the type of book that I like! But then I couldn't remember actually reading it.

First of all, this reminded me why I love Goodreads. I've been using it for a couple years and it has been so great when I need to remember what I read and what I thought about it. I should do more written reviews but even the stars help job my memory when someone asks me if I liked a book. And changing my habits to read books more slowly and fight my book gobbling tendencies helps too but Goodreads, I do like you! But back to the book...

When I got over the shock of not having read it, I read it. And, just as I expected, I liked it. Now I had seen the movie so I know some of the general plot but this is a people book much more than a plot book. I mean, I could type out the plot in a couple sentences. (I won't. I'm not mean! But I could :-) but the people and their words and ideas are just great. I mean, an engagement is announced with the words "I Promessi Sposi" which made me giddy - connections with earlier books of this year, how fun! I would say I wish I had read it before but I'm not sure I would have understood the characters as much in high school. At this age, I've been around enough of each of them that I found them hilarious in their realism. A good fun read with lots of ideas to ponder. Yep, this is my kinda read.

A Room with a View is my Back to the Classics 20th Century Selection

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