Classics Challenge: Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe was my second attempt at book written by a non-white author. It was a deceptively simple read. I really enjoyed the writing style and quickly got sucked into the story even though I didn't relate much to any of the main characters and had a bit of trouble keeping track of who was who. Even without much background information, I quickly found myself immersed in the culture of the Nigerian tribe of our main character, Okonkwo and off I went on a wild ride with him through some major changes in his village and life.

 I finished this book a while back but had a hard time writing my review so I let it sit. And now, I am still having a hard time writing this review. There are a lot of ideas in it but its hard for me to put into words. It's the type of book that I want to talk about over coffee with a friend that has read it though. Elaine's review was one of the reasons I picked this book (after failing to get through Makioka Sisters before my ILL time was up) and we texted about it a bit but I struggled to find words then too, at least ones I could write down coherently. Which I realized makes this a pretty lame review. But I am glad I read it, I do recommend it and might even pick up the next one in this series next year.

This was my Non-White Author Selection for the Back to the Classics Challenge hosted by Karen at Books and Chocolate.

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