Just a mild spring zephyr

The weather has been confusing lately. We went from 75 and kids complaining that I hadn't put any shorts in their clothes bin two days ago to them building a (teeny-tiny) snowman in the front yard this morning. But one thing I have noticed is that we are spending more time outside even when its a bit chilly because we plan things when its nice and then don't want to cancel.

A week or two ago the kids were begging to go to our local nature center so I planned it for a day it was supposed to be in the 60s. In actually ended up being low 50s and quite windy but we bundled up and survived. We ate our picnic lunch in the car but as long as we were hiking or climbing, nobody seemed to be bothered by the wind too much. And I actually remembered to take some pictures.

Jonah thwarted my attempts at a cute mom and kids selfie. He really just wanted his foot in the picture. I have no idea why. I make it a point not to try and understand why 4 year old boys do the things they do.

I call this one "Wait for me!"

She probably would have been able to keep up better if she didn't stop and pick up every piece of dried grass she found. Because there is a lot of dried grass on a prairie!

Using the sod house as a wind proof nature journaling spot. 

I let them take the stepping stone path all by themselves while I took the baby and stroller on the main path. I did warn them that if they got wet, they would probably regret it. They managed to stay dry.

She built it herself and was quite proud of it. 

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