Mother's Daybook

Feeling - Better! I'm still on both of my main hyperemesis gravidarum meds but down a bit in frequency on one and overall just feeling better and eating better. I can finally eat fruits and vegetables again after pretty much excluding them from my diet entirely for almost 8 weeks. I think the only thing keeping me from getting scurvy was the occasional cup of orange juice.

I made a big non-lettuc-y* salad intending on it lasting 2-3 meals but ate it all in one afternoon. So delicious. And its  good thing I'm feeling better and have more energy because I'm been...

*lettuce is still a bit questionable and I haven't added fresh veggie juice back yet either - baby steps!)

Dealing with - the puppy! Lizzie's here. And she's adorable. And she's a ton of work. It's like a mix of newborn and toddler rolled into one fluffy peeing machine. There's a reason she goes by Busy Lizzie.

Car ride home almost 2 weeks ago. She already looks so much bigger than that!

As far as puppies go, she's really good, very mellow, doesn't fuss in her crate, enjoys meeting new people but its crazy obnoxious jumping up or anything, loves to play outside with the kids and snuggle with me, albeit with more hand nibbling than I'm like but we're working on that and its very common is this breed. She'll learn the soft mouth soon enough but I'm pretty sure if I tried the raw egg challenge, she'd last about 2 seconds before egg was all over.

Lucy told me yesterday "I think Lizzie is the cutest and best puppy ever. The only things she does wrong are pee on the floor if we forget to watch her and bites us a lot but other than that, she's so great!"...yep, life with a golden retriever puppy.

Reading - Finally getting into my year 8 reading. It's been a slow start but I'm really loving everything so far so I think I'll be back on track soon. I'm still chugging along with Howards End but finding it odd. Not bad, just odd.

Listening - To Norah's talking. She is absolutely adorable these days. She loves my telling her bedtime stories but gets stuck on one for a while and insists on filling in the parts she knows. Right now its the three little pigs. She makes me pause so she can say "Knock, knock, knock, wittle pigs, wittle pigs, wet me come it!" and always adds "Happily ever after!" at the end. I heard her once talking to herself in bed and she was saying "happily ever after. good story! good story!" I don't know what story she told herself but she knew how to end it!

She also had picked up Tant to (Thank you) and then when I respond "You're Welcome" she adds in "I'm welcome".

She also is quick to inform me if the puppy wakes up. "Puppy sad puppy sad. Take go potty!"

Cleaning - The Entire house! I've never been one with a firm housecleaning routine. I do the basics consistently and the other stuff when I notice it needs it. Sometimes I've tried a strict schedule and it doesn't work and I worry I'm missing something or doing it wrong. But its clear that what I was doign was working because I can see such a difference when I stopped doing it for 2 months! Craig has done a fantastsic job at keeping up with dishes and laundry and basics while also working full time and taking over dinner and kid duties as soon as he comes home so I can rest. But he's only one guy. Emphasis on both ONE and GUY. Now that I'm feeling a bit better, the things I let slide are starting to drive me crazy! I'm slowly working on getting us back and ship-shape. It's gonna take a while.

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