Inquiring minds want to know

Children ask a lot of interesting questions. Here is a sampling of what I have been asked in the last month or so:
  • Do you ever fart? (1st grade girl)
  • Do you dye your hair? (7th grade boy)
When I replied no, his response was "oh, cause it's kinda cool." Then he turned to the boy next to him and said "She doesn't dye it, I guess it is just naturally cool like that."

  • How much money do you make? (7th grade boy, different kid but same class as the last)
  • Why won't teachers ever tell you how much money they make? (the boy sitting next to the previous one - that was a very curious class)
  • Are you pregnant? (1st grade girl)
For the record, I'm pretty sure she didn't think I was pregnant but was just using the question as a way to bring up the fact that her mom is pregnant and soon she will be a big sister. And, considering where we live and my age, my ability to say no is pretty rare so it isn't really that weird of a question. The high number of pregnant teachers here has apparently reached newsworthy levels.


  1. I'm interested to know how you handled "do you ever fart?"

  2. I just told her that everyone farts sometimes. Her reply "hmm, that's true, but my brother farts all the time"

  3. As a teacher you could have introduced her to the word "flatulance."