Man in the Lake

I was sitting at my desk today, staring at my map of Utah on the wall (some might call it spacing out) when I noticed something interesting about the Great Salt Lake.

See it?

That's right! The lake looks like a man, down on bended knee, presenting flowers to his girl (or, as it were, Corinne, Utah).

What, you don't see it? Here's some help:

A - the flowers
B - the guy's nose
C - the guy's front leg

Seems obvious, doesn't it? But some cursory Google searches find nobody else remarking on this obvious image. Why am I the first?


  1. Does he have a chef's hat on? Or just really big hair?? You should publish your discovery...you could be famous, or name the man after yourself!

  2. I see a boy and girl looking at each other but not the knee and flower part. I think your subconscious is telling you that you need to buy me flowers.

  3. I can see the guy with flowers, but only if he's a goofy cartoon Elvis.

  4. The man I envision does have a large head and big hair.