This is one of those subjects that only fellow blog peeps will get. It's about saying goodbye. A site I have read since my freshman year of college is about to be cut out of my life. I have enjoyed it for these past few years and was excited about the blog they added a while back; it offered a place to further delve into the subjects the articles brought up and share opinions.

I support the organization that hosts the site and will continue to do so, they do lots of good work. But that particular project/site has ceased to be beneficial and tonight I was harshly accused of deception/ignorance for the last time. I can't go and read the articles without reading the comments but I can no longer comment and be subject to rudeness nor watch that happen to others.

But I am sad because I will miss what it used to be and the lessons I used to learn there. I think it is harder because it is a Christian organization and yet their work no longer seems to encourage. In the past the harsh responses have been from other commenters and I know that not everyone on the site is a Christian so I have pushed it out of my mind but tonight it was the site's editor, a man who should be setting an example, who is supposed to be showing godly behavior to others, a man I respected. To many it may not seem like a big deal, maybe something that they could let roll of their shoulder but I can not do that. I wouldn't accept that behavior from any other sort of person in my life, especially not when the reason I read his (and the other contributors posts) is to receive insight into God and his word.

I don't think he meant to be mean but that is almost worse. Perhaps spending days reading and responding to comments by so many on such deep and controversial subjects has jaded him to the fact that there is a person behind the comments. I didn't write as an anonymous person, but rather as MacKenzie, and I deserved to be treated as a person, not just a comment to be blasted. I hold no hard feelings toward him, I simply don't find that site edifying anymore and will not spend time there. That saddens me. The subtitle of the blog says "Extremem converstations..." I guess they are too extreme for me.

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