Have I got a deal for you*

*said with Larry the cucumber's voice.

Remember back at the beginning of April, I finally splurged and bought some new camis from Shade? What, you don't remember that? Oh, well, go read this (or just believe me).

Anyway, I was raving excessively talking about them to my mom a while back and she told me I had to post the information on my blog because she wouldn't remember the company information (there seems to be something wrong with that, but I'm not sure exactly what?) All that just to say, I've been meaning to write this for a while but hadn't ever gotten around to it. Which is a shame because they are great.

I bought four and it isn't enough. They are so well made. In fact, they felt so substantial when I got them that I was worried they would be too hot. But they are made for layering so while they aren't see through or cheaply made, they are still light and comfortable. You can really believe me on that as I wear one almost every day - in Texas - in the summer - where it is really really hot.

And they are made to be modest. I have a long torso but I never have to worry about these not being long enough. I wear them under sweaters with necklines too low, blouses with fabric too shear, and shirts with hems to high.

I'm actually going to buy more, plus a few t-shirts. I made a skirt and got another one from a thrift store. They are both nice and summer-y but I need solid color t-shirts to go with them. I was at the mall last weekend and thought I would check The Gap, maybe then I wouldn't have to wait for mail to bring my shade stuff. Bad idea. Gap wanted to charge me $18.50 for a little white t-shirt. And it was poorly made - I put my hand in it and it was see through! I'll stick with Shade. I can get them for $10-11 and they often have coupon codes for free shipping or a couple dollars off on their blog.

So now that I have fully convinced you that I love this company (and you should too), here is where the deal comes in. I recently got an email from Shade offering my friends (that would be you) a special deal. I can send you an email for a free cami. You just have to sign up for the weekly email and pay shipping. If you get the cami then decide that it isn't a company you are interested in, just unsubscribe. Easy peasy right?

Now, for full disclosure I want to say that this isn't a blog sponsor thing. This blog isn't really big enough for that. Shade just sent me an email, they don't even know I have a blog. But I will get a coupon for $10 off my next purchase if I can get 5 of y'all signed up on the email list. Which is great for me too.

So if you want to try this, just leave a comment (make sure I have your email somehow, or I won't be able to email the deal to you). Or if you don't want to leave a comment, you could email me at brcbanter @ googlegroups . com


  1. Please include me in your deal :)

  2. Me too! I've always seen their stuff and liked it, just never had a chance to get some. Please include me (email: yeshunaam@gmail.com) Thanks! - Amanda LeJeune (the Amanda from HG)