Where Do They Find These People?

TLC network, the home of such characters as:
  • families with too many kids,
  • dysfunctional parents with too many kids,
  • people who put their kids in beauty pageants,
  • people who didn't know they were pregnant,
  • midgets, and
  • bridezillas,
is now home to people who raise a monkey as if it were a child.

The question in the title of this post is literal, not rhetorical. Where do they find these people?


  1. cast offs from the Jerry Springer show?

  2. For the record, I do not agree with Craig on the first one (if he is in fact referring to the Duggars as I am assuming). Yes, they have a lot of children, but too many? I don't think so.

    But crazy monkey lovin' people and moms/dads who pay money to have a bunch of people stare at their 5 year old while she is dressed like a 25 year old and wearing more makeup than a prostitute - yeah, that's creepy.

  3. Yeah, let's vote them off the island!