A Twilight-y post.

In the past week, I've read two different blog posts about Twilight. Neither woman seemed to like it much, and I can't really blame them. I think it might be expectations. Don't think this book is going to change your life, don't think it will be a good source of relationship advice, etc. No matter what the teenage girl who told you to read it said, it's not going to happen. Basically, if you want to enjoy this series, don't think - at all. With that said, you might like it.

But since I've already shared my embarrassing love of the Twilight series, I thought I would also mention one of the best parts of reading Twilight - the mockery of all things Twilight. There is so much good material out there on the world wide web that would not be as funny if you hadn't read the series (although you will probably still get a lot of the jokes). I'd thought I'd share a few of my favorites:

Normal Mormon Husbands has a number of posts written to help out the poor husbands of the world understand what their wife is reading - and address serious issues such as "Can Edward Fart?"

Go Fug Yourself has some excellent reviews of the Twilight cast. But that shouldn't be surprising considering every third post on that site will make me laugh out loud, Kristen Bell can't dress, and Rob Rob Pattinson can't shower.

This alternative Twilight Script (10x shorter, 100x more honest) will make sense (as much sense the possible, that is) to everyone regardless of their familiarity with the real script.

I was going to come up with more, but I really have to no time so your on your own. Go, search, laugh.

*Warning: some of these sites have inappropriate language. Just so you know.

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  1. See, if I ever get around to reading Twilight, I will not expect anything good. This is largely because I, too, have read Twilight-mockery on the internet, so my idea about the books is largely defined by this Cracked article. (Ditto on the language warning, even though it's surprisingly restrained by Cracked standards.)