Tonight Gonna Fight 'Til We See the Red Light

What would you do if you drove up to this intersection, wanting to turn right, and these lights were red?

When we first started encountering this intersection, we assumed that one could only proceed if these lights were green. While nobody ever honked at us when we stopped at a red arrow, we saw many other vehicles run through the light.  We weren't sure if they were being cavalier about the law, or if it was legal to turn right on red.  Apparently, we're not the only people to be confused at intersections like this one:
State Sen. John Griesheimer has asked the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to remove the "Right Turn Signal" signs at Highway 100 and Route A/Jefferson Street [note: this is not the intersection pictured above]. He says the signs are confusing for motorists and are causing traffic backups at the intersection.

"People think they have to wait for the green light in order to make their turn," Griesheimer said. "I think it's causing an awful lot of confusion. It did for me. I was confused," he said.
Confusing, indeed, but this answers my question.  Now we proudly drive through red arrows at this intersection without hesitation (unless there's a car coming, of course).


  1. interesting! there was one of those in Pensacola and I usually sat at the red light, but definitally got honked at...pensacolians like to honk

  2. That is confusing!

    I'm also confused by red left turn arrows (there's one by my apartment). Does that mean that you can stop and turn left when it's safe? Or is it just trying to let you know that you're in a left turn lane? BTW, I'm not sure if the yellow is just a light or an arrow...

  3. I would think that if the red arrows were red, you would come to a complete stop, and then proceed if there was nobody coming (just like if you were turning right at a regular red light). Is that correct?

    But I think if there's a left turn arrow, that just means you can't go.

    The other day, I was on my way to work and turned left at a left arrow but then had to stop in the intersection because the person in front me went through and then stopped at the red light for people coming the other way. I'm not much of a honker, but I honked that time. Because that's really not how left turns work.

  4. Correct Rachel, it's like a red light. It may vary by state, but here you can never turn left on red, even onto a one-way street.

  5. Actually, I believe you can turn left on red from a one-way street onto another one-way street.