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So I've been thinking a lot lately, not just about how excited I am to be a mom, but how I'm excited to see Craig be a dad and our parents be grandparents. Remembering my childhood experiences has me wondering: will Nigel like to run around in camo shooting imaginary bad guys like "the Beav" did, and will he/she enjoy exploring the farm and planting corn in the sandbox like Craig and his siblings? I hope so. Especially since Craig's job involves a lot of sitting at a computer. It's important, but not really a great base for imaginative play.

It's been interesting to think about what types of experiences I remember from my childhood. It's not just stories but whole memories, complete with scents and sounds and textures, sometimes the whole moment seems cemented in my mind. And it really isn't mostly the big stuff but the everyday things that stick with me.

Some of the things I've been remembering, I haven't thought about in years. They probably won't be interesting to you but I wanted to make sure I have them in writing somewhere. These few things are specifically about my dad.

Rocket Ship Sandwiches:

My dad used to cut our sandwiches into rocket ships. I'm not sure how he came up with it. I actually Googled it to see if it was common but couldn't find it. All I found was people using cookie cutters but that isn't the same at all.

Instead of cutting diagonally down the middle you cut the sandwiches into three pieces by slicing about half an inch from the diagonal center, once on each side. Then you turn those side triangles downward into the rocketship's fins. It doesn't waste any bread and really is only a few more seconds than leaving to whole or cutting it in half but it's so much fun. This isn't something I will forget because I always did it when I babysat and I still do it sometimes with my own sandwiches, because why not? Have you ever seen it before?

The "My Old Man" Song:

I don't know why I suddenly remember this song but my dad made it up a long time ago. It was a family favorite for years. I can't duplicate the tune for you since it's an original but it's catchy and considering he has no musical education at all, I think it's pretty good. Here are the original lyrics:

My old man's a sailor
He wears a sailor's hat
He wears a sailor's raincoat
Now what do you think about that?
He wears a sailor's smile
As deep and wide as the sea
My old man's a sailor
Now what do you think about me?

But of course, our "old man" wasn't a sailor but an army man. So my brother and I made up another version that was slightly more accurate. I say slightly more accurate because 1) it no longer really makes sense for our old man to be wearing a raincoat but we didn't ever change that part and 2) our dad wasn't really a soldier either, he was an officer. But still, here it is:

My old man's a sailor soldier
He wears a sailor's soldier's hat
He wears a sailor's soldier's raincoat
Now what do you think about that?
He wears a sailor's soldier's smile
As deep and wide as the sea a humvee
My old man's a sailor soldier
Now what do you think about me?

The Frog Story:

This is one that I'm not sure how much I've forgotten seeing as it has probably been 15-20 years since I've heard it. Mom and Dad, feel free to add additions or corrections. Again, my dad made it up and we used to ask him to tell it to us over and over.
Once upon a time there was a frog and a child. They might have had names but I don't remember for sure. The kid (a boy?) wanted a bicycle but couldn't afford one. One day he was looking in the store window at the bicycle he wished he could have when they put up a sign for a frog jumping contest. The prize - a brand new bicycle of course! But there was still a problem, he didn't have a frog.

So he walked away discouraged but decided to cheer himself up by going fishing or playing by a pond or something. And when he was there, he caught the frog! And this frog talked! And told him that if he entered him into the contest, he would win it for him. So the boy entered him into the jumping contest and indeed, he won! And the boy got a bicycle! The end.
Okay, so I'm really not sure if I'm missing part of the plot because well, there doesn't seem to be much of one. Maybe this is because my dad already knew that I only liked non-confrontational, non-stressful stories with happy endings. Or maybe it is because I forgot some of it. I don't know. I do know that we really liked it though.

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  1. How could you not mention "oh the weather outside is frightful" which you Dad assures me can and will be sung year round? (He started singing the other day in the car.)

    Also, remember hug sandwiches?