3 months

I can hardly believe that a quarter of your first year of life is gone already. But if the last few weeks have been any indication of what is to come, I am excited. You are getting to be so much more fun and show your personality.

If there are a lot of people around, you just sit quietly and take it all in. But when you are face to face with me or your daddy, you come alive. You love to "talk" and have tons of different facial expressions.

You are now 14 lbs (well, yesterday you were 13lbs, 15.8 oz but I thought it was safe to round up) and are 24 inches long. Getting bigger means you are able to play much more. You still love tummy time but more than that, you like to sit or even stand up and see the world (with a little help from us of course :-)

You have a pretty consistent bedtime routine now and go to sleep around 7:30 each night. But bath time is no longer part of that routine because a few weeks ago, you decided that you hate baths. I'm not sure why but overnight you went from loving them to crying whenever you even thought we were going to put you in the tub. I'm pretty sure nothing traumatic happened to you during a bath and we've tried different times of the day, making sure the room is nice and warm and nothing helps. You just like what you like and dislike what you dislike and are certainly not afraid to share your opinion. I think it is just an example of you reminding us that it is a girl's prerogative to change her mind. I'm not sure how that personality trait is going to show itself when you are three or thirteen but I'm not going to think about that yet.

Naps are a little trickier but you have been starting to take one longer nap most days. But with the longer naps, I can get you to sleep, cuddle with you for 30 minutes or so then have up to an hour to myself. Yah for you! This is especially good since last week you decided that you don't like to sleep in the swing anymore.

You still love the swing but this last week you decided it means play time not nap time now.

You have finally noticed your toes and stare and stare at them when they wiggle, but you can't grab them yet. I think you will have fun with them when you can.

You reach for things now. Sometimes you are concentrating hard on an object and I see your hand off to the side opening and closing but other times you can actually get it to the place you want it to be. And you like to be holding onto something fabric, either your clothes or my clothes or your taggy blanket. I have to be careful because sometimes you cover your face up with your taggy blanket and then get upset that you can't see. Hard objects are harder for you to keep a hold of for more than a minute but it won't be long.

You love to listen to raspberries and blow them back at us. Yours end up making a big mess but it is too cute to mind. You are a super-drooler. I'm not really sure how you can produce that much drool but you manage somehow.

You love to be read to. I started a while ago but at first you would just be sitting on my lap looking elsewhere or making noise. Now when I get out a book you actually sit quietly for several minutes and look at the pages with me.

You also love to go on walks. Instead of falling asleep within a few minutes, you spend our evening walks looking around (and chewing on the side of the wrap or sling). I love watching you learn about the world with me!


  1. What a cutie! Can't wait to see her again...
    Dad in Leavenworth

  2. Ugh! I miss her!! Love the pictures!