Sunday Sorbet: 2 for the price of 1

I wanted to put up a video of Lucy but couldn't decide which one - so I decided to put up both!

This one is Lucy at about 10 weeks, just starting to really coo in a directed fashion. 

And this is Lucy a few days ago, she "talks" a lot more now but she also is more easily distracted by the camera :-)


  1. that or she's distracted by Craig's apparent digestive issues...really now! She's adorable and getting so big already!

  2. She's adorable...

    BUT what I can't get over is how she is wearing long sleeves and you are wearing pajama PANTS in the second video. Notice how John is half naked in most of his pictures?... I can't wait for August to be over.

  3. Oh no, it's pretty darn hot here too. I was all ready for a mild summer now that we are out of Texas but nope.

    That is actually the reason for the clothes. We just got up and I can't stand for us to be sticking to each other while nursing/cuddling/sleeping but since we co-sleep we don't use blankets and have a fan on us so it isn't too hot then. But even during the day, I put her in a onesie most of the time for that reason.