To Bubbies house we go

This post will probably be a bit unorganized but I'm trying to compose and type it while holding Lucy. She must be hitting her 3-month growth spurt because she has wanted to do nothing but nurse or sleep for the past 24 hrs. Luckily the timing isn't bad as I had things all last week and Saturday morning but our schedule is open for the next few days. It really isn't fun trying to be productive during these times but as long as I don't mind couch sitting, they can be a nice time for us both to rest.

We spent last week at my parents. Craig was supposed to be gone on a business trip so we planned for all three of us to be there for the weekend then Craig would drive home on Sunday for his trip while Lucy and I would stick around and take the train home to meet him when he got back. Alas, his trip was canceled so he spent the week here by himself :-( but the rest of the plan worked out.

Lucy and I took Bubbie

(formerly know as my mom :-) to her last radiation treatment, then spent the rest of the week resting, visiting with some extended family and old family friends, watching a newly-found favorite family show (Royal Pains) and doing just a little bit of shopping :-). Lucy now has the most adorable swim outfit which I can not wait for her to use next month on another little trip we have coming up.

Thursday we took the train home. It took about 5 hours and was a pretty nice way to travel with a baby. My parents got me a business class ticket and no one ended up next to us so Lucy and I were able to spread out and relax. She sat on my lap and could nurse, play or sleep without any trouble and several people commented as we got off that she was a good baby. I think they probably had suppressed their looks of horror when we got on so I'm glad for all of us that she was in a good mood. The only downside was that it arrived in town at 10pm and since she slept well on the train by the time we had gotten off, greeted Craig and gotten into the car, she must have thought it was morning already. It took a little while to convince her otherwise.
This weekend was supposed to be a time to catch up on cleaning, grocery shopping and doing some organizing I've been itching to do so I could spend my free time this week blogging, scrapbooking and crocheting but I have a inkling that won't be happening. Oh, well. If you don't hear from me in a few days, send a search party to pry me off the couch, I might have decided I like it there too much :-)


  1. Just stay right there on your couch... and don't feel guilty. I think John is also hitting his 3 month growth spurt (since last week... not sure when he is going to be "done" with it). He is crazy during his feedings now.... so wiggly and it seems like he is a bottomless pit... he must be storing it in those chuncky baby legs.

    BTW... he loves that taggie toy you sent us.

  2. Your mom is so beautiful - and you look so much like her! =)