Cookie day!

I don't really consider myself a very political person. That is probably not fair to myself as I do think I care more about politics than the average person, but my knowledge of the subject pales in comparison to Craig's and the rest of my family's, so I always feel like I don't know much. They start talking about such and such bill or senator so and so and I get lost.

But there are a few subjects about which I am both passionate and well informed. Midwifery is one such subject. I'm "lucky" in my state, midwives are legal. This hasn't always been the case. And I don't mean decades ago. Back in just 2007, my midwife would have been a felon for delivering Lucy at home. But Friends of Missiouri Midwifes, an organization of which I am a part, played a big role in changing that. Working with other pro-midwifery groups, they changed the law. Certified Profession Midwives can now practice and deliver babies at home.

But that doesn't mean that our job is done. There is currently a bill in the works here that is attempting to regulate midwifery out of legal existence. Basically, it will still be technically legal but there will be so many restrictions, some of which are impossible to follow, that it will takes us back to the dark ages of underground only home births. It's really scary to think about. One specific representative takes it upon himself to start this bill every session and every year so far it has failed, but we need to keep making our presence know so it keeps failing.

So what do a group of passionate women (and men...and kids...and babies) do when they want to make an impact - make cookies! You've probably heard the expression, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Well, you get even more with cookies!

Last Wednesday, a whole bunch of midwife-loving people descended upon our state capital. We handed out valentines with cookies and family pictures, stories of how we love and support our midwives and lots of smiles. My friend and I met with our representative to tell him how important this issue was and encourage him to support midwives too. In the afternoon, we had a rally where we celebrated the achievements we have made in the past on this issue.

This was actually Lucy's first time riding in the stroller. She didn't mind it so much at first...

I went because I thought it was important but honestly, I was nervous about lobbying and the drive was long and the roads were a little snowy and we were going to have two babies with us. I thought about backing out and sending my cookies for someone else to deliver, but I am so glad I didn't.

First of all, it was fun to walk around and see all the different pro-midwife familes from around the state and meet others who are passionate about this issue. This is such a awesome issue in that we really do encompass so many different types of people - from total hippies who were asked to make sure they wore deodorant (yes, they really did ask that in the emails about the event!) to very large conservative families that gave me homeschooling co-op flashbacks to those in-between (me?). Plus, it didn't hurt that the babies were both on their best behavior that day. And even people who may not agree with you on the issue can't help but smile when a baby hands them a bag of cookies. Even scrooge would have a hard time resisting that!

but it wasn't long before she wanted to be worn. And no, neither baby is looking at the camera, but getting babies to look where you want them too when nobody they know is holding the camera is difficult!

But it was more than just an enjoyable day, I got inspired! I really felt like I was a key player is this, that these were my representatives and that I could make a difference. Listening to women speak who have fought for this right for many years, women who had to deliver their babies with midwives underground, hoping and praying that they didn't need to make a transfer and that if they did, their midwife wouldn't be "found out."

 I was honored to stand there with them and applaud them for their efforts. I'm so thankful that I had birthing options and was able to choose a home birth because it was the right option for us. I don't know what I would do if it wasn't legal. To choose between what I feel is the safest birth for me and my child but to risk losing that child to CPS if I'm found out. To ask another women to commit a felony for my sake. I don't ever want to make that choice.  I don't ever want Lucy to have to make that choice. And I'm really glad I live in a country where I can do something to make that a reality.


  1. Cool! I know I could go for a baby-given bag o' cookies right now.

  2. That's awesome MacKenzie!

  3. Good job!

    I, for one, stand up for "leave the midwives and mama's alone". NO legislation, PLEASE!!!

    Ugh, Idaho was a free to birth how you want state, until July of this year, when the state began requiring all homebirth/birth center midwives to become licensed. Sounds good, right?

    Well, no..my CPM, an EXCELLENTLY capable, well trained, very experienced, once DEM had to get licensed. So she did. Now, her rates went up a lot to pay for the insurance, etc. More importantly, it's now illegal for me to have a homebirth.

    Yep, because I had 2 c-sections, it's illegal for me to have a homebirth or birth center birth, and illegal for her to attend me. Even though my c-sections were after 2 easy vag births, and because of a transverse lie and then a forced unecessary repeat section due to a hospital VBAC ban...never mind I then had an easy VBA2C with Henry, and a great VBA2C of my 10 lb 9 oz Oliver in Sept!

    Ugh..regulations rarely help anything!