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I was just reading this post and I had to share it. The whole thing is great (and not too long so go read it!) but this line in particular struck me

That is heaven's love....Or the mothers up in the middle of the night with nursing babies or sick children.  Whose sleep is lost forever and always, no making it back up, no time to take it back.  Laying it down.  Their life for theirs.
This post reminded me that my life is a gift from God, and right now, I'm giving it back to Him by loving her. And the sleepless nights (and days) will pass away, but the love. That will remain.

I was able to read that because Lucy is asleep in the ergo on my back. She has been on my back for about 2 hours at this point because is the only place she will be without crying and it is the only way she will fall asleep right now. Even though she is super tired, if we lay down, she seems to think she is supposed to practice standing up. Even though I can tell that neither one of us wants her to be standing up, there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it other than wearing her. She stands there crying and wanting down, but the second I put her down, she starts working hard to stand back up. So even though my back is killing me and I really want to lay down myself, I'll stay sitting right here at least until I am sure she has gotten enough sleep.

It's a good thing I've got the Holy Spirit, because my love, my patience, my compassion - it's not enough. But HIS is.

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