Random (not quite) little update on the last few weeks

I feel like the last few weeks have been bipolar. Three weeks ago Lucy and I were at my parent's. Our plans are very low key when we are there - mostly napping, hanging out in the living room playing, some tv watching, eating and did I mention napping? It's great. We obviously miss Craig while we are gone but not having much on the to-do list makes up for my having to do the parenting thing solo.

Then over that weekend we celebrated my birthday. Technically it wasn't until Tuesday but I'm so special, I can pull off the two days of celebration :-) We all went out for breakfast on Saturday (all you can eat pancakes at IHOP - yum!) and a little shopping. My mom doesn't get out much so it was a nice treat for her and I always enjoy helping people spend their money :-) We finished off the day with some presents and cheesecake. On Sunday, Craig, Lucy and I had to drive back home which is always exhausting.

But we had the whole week to recover because of the storms. I consider myself a homebody but by Friday I hadn't stepped foot outside in over 4 days and it was getting to me. About 14 year or so ago, my cousin gave my little brother this weird toy while we were all on a road trip once. It was a little plastic box that looked like a crate. On the underside was a button that, if pushed, would cause the box to shake and scream "Get me outta here." He thought it was hilarious while the rest of the family was forced to give my cousin evil glances for the rest of the weekend for subjecting us to the relentless noise. I mean, it must have been bad if I still remember it all this time later, right? Last Friday, I was that box.

Luckily for me, Craig has learned much in the 4 years we have been married and the 8 months we have been parents. He knows that "if mama ain't happy, nobody happy" so he wisely offered to take me out to dinner Friday night. Since Lucy's bedtime is 6pm, we knew we had to go early. Real early. 4:30 early. Next time we go out to eat, I think we will find out where the older crowd goes so at least we won't be the only ones there. We did get good service and prompt attention though!

To make up for the slow week before, this week has been crazy. I've had meetings and MOPS and even some lobbying. That deserves it's own post and I promise it will be coming but today was the first day for a while we had nowhere to go and nothing to do and it was nice! Especially because when we are out and about, not only do I not get a nap but I know I'll be paying for Lucy's good behavior later. She really is great during the day but doesn't eat well around distractions - so she just wakes up ready to eat more often at night to make up for it! Between that and teething, its been a rough couple nights.

But today we took it easy and I can tell that both Lucy and I needed it. She normally naps for 60-90 minutes in the afternoon and I will nap for a while then read next to her until she wakes up. This time I woke up after about 90 minutes groggy and confused like I always am when I sleep "too long." Just then, she woke up too, we looked at each other and I feel my eyes start to close. The next thing I know, both of us are waking up again over a half hour later. Craig even came home and we didn't hear him enter. They say for babies, good napping leads to good nights. I guess we will find out tonight....

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