No good excuse - except hormones :-)

I think its fair to official call it nesting when you move to the insane category like I did yesterday. I've been wanting a rain gutter book shelf in Lucy's room for a while now but Craig hadn't gotten around to it. That is not at all his fault, I kept adding things to the top of his honey-do list and saying they were more important that the shelf. But Tuesday night, after tripping over a big stack of books in Lucy's room for the one millionth time, I decided I would do it myself.

And Wednesday I had the car so I actually could, as long as I did it early enough that I could drop the car off to be repaired. So Lucy and I went to Home Depot at 7:45am to buy the supplies. And in case you are wondering, 7:45am is actually a really good time to go to Home Depot if you might be needing assistance because the only other people there are contractors and they don't generally need a lot of help finding things.

I got my supplies, found someone to cut my gutter for me and we headed to the car repair place. It happens to be right next door to our house which is very convenient for a one car household like us but you have to either jump our fence or climb down and then up a semi-steep ditch to get there. I would normally jump the fence but my jumping days are over for a while. And of course I forgot to drop of the shelf supplies before driving over there like I planned so there I was, pregnant and clumsy, trying to carry a 24 lb toddler, a purse stuffed with screws and plastic brackets and two 5 foot rain gutters down this still dew covered and slippery grassy ditch. Oh, and did I mention that Lucy just had to wear her favorite new shoes which are still slightly too big and fall off her feet every two seconds. Half way down, I started to slip. I dropped the gutters so I could grab onto our fence but somehow they got caught around my arm and came along with me anyway. I  finally managed to get everything safe and secure in our yard only to have her start screaming "shoe shoe" until I retraced my steps to find her one orange shoe hiding in the grass back where we started. Somehow I managed to get everything and everyone home intact but I now have a big circular bruise on my upper arm that looks exactly how I would expect a bruise would look if someone had violently grabbed my arm. I probably should wear a longer sleeved shirt unless I want to try explain that the only abusive member of our household is a book shelf and truthfullly, it was acting in self defense.

At this point you might be wondering this couldn't have waited one more day, especially since it had already waited several months. Good question, I have no idea other than to say that it couldn't. It absolutely positively had to be done right then. I blame the hormones.

The actual installation was a piece of cake compared to getting the supplies home. I followed Raising Olives's tutorial. It took me less than an hour (or precisely four 9 minute Winnie the Pooh youtube segments put on to get Lucy to stop shoving Winnie the Pooh in my face while loudly saying "Winnie Pooh Read" over and over again) and here is the result.

I love them. What did Lucy think? She hated them. She was in the room with me while I hung them and didn't seem to object but as soon as I loaded them up and asked her what she thought, she started yelling "No" and grabbing the books off the shelf. By the time I grabbed the video camera, she had calmed down a tad but still wasn't happy with them. (Ignore my annoying voice and inability to put together a coherent sentence please :-)

 I then distracted her with the previously promised chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh and afterwards she seemed to accept them. She even got all excited about having her books neat and was dancing around and laughing as she put them away but then I made the mistake of asking her if she liked the shelf now and she stopped laughing, glared at me and said "no." I'm confidently she'll come around though.


  1. Or was it acting in . . . shelf defense?!? Ba dum bum!

  2. That joke was so bad Rachel, I'm surprised I didn't come up with it :-)