Toddler Tuesday: Clean Sticky Fun

Sorry if Toddler Tuesdays are a bit art heavy lately but that has been my focus this spring. With the pregnancy, I knew I'd have to be selective about what I could accomplish so I picked one thing that I wanted to improve on and art was it. It is pretty easy to improve on just playdough so I knew I could succeed.

I saw a variation of this project on No Time For Flashcards and knew it would be a hit since she loves stickers. This is basically a reverse sticker project. Its so easy too - one of those crafts that seems so obvious you can't believe you never thought of it before. 

I already had contact paper and a brand new stack of construction paper just screaming to be opened so I cut out a butterfly and stuck in on a square of clear contact paper then trimmed the edges, letting her play with the extra contact paper I cut off. I didn't have ribbons but that worked out well since Lucy had just gotten her first pair of toddler scissors. I cut a strip of construction paper and helped her cut squares. Once she had a few, I gave her the butterfly and let her at it while I cut more squares, trying to keep up with her. 

When she was done, I added another layer of contact paper to seal it up. 

Normally when we finish a project,  I'll save it to to show to daddy and/or mail them to grandparents but she doesn't really care about the end result. This is the first project she really showed pride in.We hung it in our bay window but she kept taking it down to hug. And I know it is all about the process not the product but I she did an awesome job and I love how it looks in our window -  we did this several weeks ago and it is still hanging up. She had so much fun she even asked to do another one so I did the outline of a tulip. 

(And yes, she is wearing a stained pajama shirt - I'm keeping it real people!) 

And this picture is not at all related to the above craft but I don't have many pictures on the blog of her fully clothed, hair done, in an outfit that actual matches, especially now that she is in charge of selecting what she wants to wear, so I had to throw in this picture of her last Tuesday morning before we left for storytime as proof that she doesn't always look like a character from a dickens novel. 

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  1. Beautiful artwork Lucy! I would proudly display that too!