Using what you got

Of all the things on "the list," the room I most want to tackle is the master bedroom. I promised myself that I would never let it become the leftover room, the one I never get to, the one filled with laundry baskets but since moving here, it has become that and I'll confess that I'm sitting on my bed looking at a laundry basket of junk on the dresser that very soon will need to become a changing table - so very sad. So it is on the agenda but until the kitchen is official done, I'm not letting myself get sucked into any projects.

But then I kept seeing plant project everywhere so I decided a little green boost might be just what the master bedroom needed to keep my hopes of a lovely retreat alive.

I started with this vintage milk glass container I found at a local thrift store for $2. I love the look and how I can easily move it to another room in the house if I find I need to. Lucy liked it too, everytime I turned my back, she tried to steal it for her rock collection.

I knew I was going to use succulents because 1) I love them and 2) We have a bunch in our backyard, all along our rock wall. I don't know if the previous owners planted them or they just naturally grow but they are one of my favorite (non-edible) parts of the yard.

We have two types so I pulled some of both. And because I thought three types would look better, I picked up one more kind when I was buying some succulent potting mix. I have no idea what any of these succulents are called.

It actually took me a while to find an arrangement I liked. The store bought succulent was easy to plant but the ones I picked didn't have any dirt around the roots so they didn't stay in place as well. But I saved money so I think it was worth the effort to use them - plus if they die, I can easily replace them :-)

Here is it almost finished. This is pre-dusting, I had to wait until Lucy was asleep to dust it off since I needed to use one of her paintbrushes and she isn't a fan of improvising. Such a little stickler.

It actually looks a lot better once you dust it off. It's not perfect but for my first try with plant arranging. I'm hoping it doesn't die. Succulents are supposed to be hard plants to kill but if you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember that I killed clive, my red cactus. But I'm hopeful. I really like it in our room, I would show you a picture of it in place but I don't think the duct tape and show box full of jewelry would add anything - but as soon as I start working on the master bedroom, you'll can see it in all its glory.

Be sure to check out the Nesting Place's plant party and get inspired if you are wanting to add some plants to your life.

Update: I couldn't stand the lack of good pictures so I distracted Lucy with some raising so I could clear off the dressed a bit and take pictures. Yes, I am the mom who ignores her sick feverish child for her blog. But don't me, she had raisins, she was happy :-)


  1. WOW!!! that's awesome that you could just pull some succulents from outside and bring them in to the home (I've got a black thumb and it would never work!). Love the milk glass

    Whoohoo! for Republicans!

  2. Love the milk glass container!!!