Babies get bigger

I meant to include this compilation in his birthday post, but didn't get a chance.
monthly copy
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I'm pretty sure this is the last of the monthly shots.  I might try again at 18 months but it took me three separate tries, three helpers and two white onesies to get that last not-so-decent shot. But it is really neat to see the full 12 month growth. It also makes me want another baby like right now because apparently I don't have one anymore, he's all grown up. Tear.

But despite my struggles during that last photo shoot, my mini-me seemed to think taking baby pictures is fun because guess what Craig caught her doing later?

porch 005
She made the camera out of duplos, got the mat to use as a blanket and even found a stuffed animal to sit next to "green baby" while she took her photo.
porch 004

And just in case that wasn't enough photos for you, here are a few of the birthday outakes. 

bday 012

birthday 003

birthday 007

birthday 008

bday 011

bday 015

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