It's been a rough day. And since I tend to be somewhat of a mental neat freak too , I've been mentally rehashing it. But unlike times in the past, I'm learning. This time at least, my mental rehashing doesn't mean analyzing all the ways I'm failing my children or how their behavior is certainly a sign that they are destined for a life with no self-control or discipline.

No, as I said, I'm learning. We had a rough day. That was it. And because God is good, I believe he actually prepared in advance a few thoughts for me to be pondering for this moment. Like Auntie Leila's advice that is helping me remember that perhaps it is somewhat understandable that after a few days filled with grandparent's undivided attention, lots of sugar and not quite enough sleep, I spent the day with a couple of really uncharacteristically whiny kids. And perhaps as a mom who loves her routine but had to give it up for a few days, I wasn't in the best mood to deal with they. But that's okay, we'll move on. Tomorrow is a new day. And tonight - early bedtimes :-)

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