A camping we will go

We took the kids on their first camping trip this weekend. With all the camping we did when we were first married, I can't believe it took us this long to take the kids. It was a lot of fun.

We picked a place only 30 minutes away as an easy and safe first try which meant we had a lot of time to set-up, find the playground and bathrooms (and convince Lucy to try them) and then head down to the river to play. After they were sufficiently soaked, we headed back for some hotdogs and s'mores.


camping 025

camping 026

The kids took their task of collecting kindling very seriously.



Our one issues was that both kids wanted to roast things themselves but were (rightlyfully) scared of the fire. So they either stood too far away to actually roast anything or they insisted on climbing on my lap to roast. We made it work though.
camping 031

camping 038

camping 040



The next morning we went on a long hike. It was 2.5 miles which is longer than we've taken the kids before but the description said it ran along a river so I brought snacks and figured we're rest along the river.

camping 046b

Turns out, the only river you see are at a couple of kinda scenic viewpoints and there really wasn't even good logs or rocks to sit on. Frankly, it was a really boring hike. We did find a turtle though!

camping 052

camping 048

And we made it, Lucy only wanted to be carried the last 30 minutes or so. Jonah mostly rode in the boba or was carried. He was hiking just fine but his stopping to pick up every single acorn was slowing down our already pretty slow pace. It took us about 3 hours to finish! I'm not sure we will attempt another hike over 2 miles for a little while, unless we know there is something fun to motivate the kids maybe, but I'm glad we tried it and it didn't kill us.

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