Mother's Daybook - October 10

Reading - Fun stuff! I just finished up a few really challenging books and our library started its fall adult reading program which is done by number of books. You can never have enough tote bags so I'm determined to get one which gives me an excuse to relax and pick up some light(er) reading.

Wind in the Willows is a classic that I don't remember ever reading as a child but am thoroughly enjoying now. Moonstone is the first book written in my favorite genre of mysteries and its a fun one too and I'm about to start the third in the Thursday Next series. I can't be all fun and no work though, its not my personality so for my thought provoking needs I'm working on Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux (and I've got a couple more bios on my to-read list so thanks for your help in that area!).

Watching - Lucy in her swimming lessons. We're taking them with the same group of homeschool kids that we are doing our preschool co-op. It is so much fun to sit and watch them all and see the different personalities. I forgot my camera last week but I need to bring it at least once.

Eating -  Taking out gluten and sugar means that most of my intense desire to bake some yummy fall goodies is being unmet. So if you insist on pining pumpkin dessert recipes, I'm sorry but I will probably be unfollowing you. I have given myself permission to go all out for Thanksgiving and Christmas (well, with sugar at least, not gluten) so I keep telling myself its only a "couple" weeks away. But in the meantime, if you have any amazing, gluten-free, sugar-free, banana-free pumpkin treats recipes other than just eating pumpkin out of a can, send them my way? Coming up short? Me too.

And since I'm getting really sick of the handful of vegetables I can eat, I'm trying to be adventurous and try new ones. I think I know now why I don't cook a lot of squash. I don't like squash. But a few months ago I didn't like brussel sprouts and now I don't hate them so I'll just keep making squashy things until I turn into a squash or decide they aren't so bad.

Doing - Decorating for Fall. We kinda sped through the letter "E," mostly because I've had a bad cold and no energy but I think we'll hang out in "Letter F" for a couple weeks. I have so much fun Fall stuff planned. I just love fall. And Lucy remembered a few things we did last year and asked when we were doing them again so the list just keeps growing. If I can't eat pumpkin things, I will at least do every single leaf and acorn craft that pinterest has to offer.

Preparing - To get these kids to fall asleep in the same room! They got their bunk beds now and love them! We've still got quite a bit to do to before the new room-for-two is complete but its all mostly little things - new curtains (because I've always meant to get ones other than the double layer of non-matching fabric I throw over the window to block the light 3 years ago), patch the walls in a few places and slightly de-pinkify it, move shelves, etc. We're getting there.

My big goal is to get Jonah to fall asleep there, right now he falls asleep in mine and we move him. It would be nice if he would stay there a bit longer too but night weaning is a 2 steps forward, 1 step back thing because we keep getting sick. And when he gets sick, he doesn't sleep well here or there or anywhere so it because a get sleep by any means possible situation. Baby steps, baby steps.

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  1. I am in the thinking about how to get the kids to sleep in the same room phase, so you're one step ahead of me :)