The things they say

We've been working on asking mom, not telling mom, to do things. It's a work in progress. But it kinda explains this conversations:

Me: Lucy, here is your rag, go wipe off the table now (that's her table chore).
Lucy: Uhm, that was telling me! Not asking me!
Me: Yep, I'm the mommy. I get to do the telling.
Lucy: oh

Another late night Jonah conversation. He gets more and more hilarious as we get farther past bedtime. If only I was in the mood to appreciate it at 9:45pm.

Jonah: Mommy, why are we here in bed?
Me:   Because its time to sleep.
Jonah: No, no, no. Why do we need to sleep?
Me: So we can have energy for playing. Our bodies need sleep so we aren't tired and cranky tomorrow.
Jonah: But why?
Me: Because that's how God made our bodies. So go to sleep!
Jonah: Why do we need to eat? Because God made tummies?

I'm lying down next to Jonah in his bed. It's a twin. We are sharing a pillow.
Jonah: Mommy, we aren't close enough.
Me: We are right next to each other. Can't you feel my arm next to yours? (While thinking we can't possible be closer than we are right now)
Jonah: No, you put your arm on my back and I'll put my arm around your neck. Now we are close. This is better. 

A few days later
Jonah: Do you like me? Do you love me?
Me: Yes, I like you and I love you!
Jonah: They why are you so faarrr away.
Me: I'm right here. 
Jonah: Your face is away.
Me: Well, I have a cold and I'm coughing a lot so I want to keep my germs on this side. But you can snuggle up right against my back.
Jonah: Okay, but I like you and I love you so I will sleep here and put my finger in your ear. (And he laid there with his finger in my ear!)

Kids playing outside with Craig...
Jonah: Mommy! I need a cup! I found nature!
A couple minutes pass
Lucy: Mommy! Jonah dropped a birdy egg in his cup and it broke and now the baby bird will never live again!

Lucy: Can we have popsicles?
Me: Yes, but we only have a few flavors left so no complaining. I hand her a banana flavored popsicle.
Lucy: This is banana? It's a little...looks at me...interesting.

Me: How is your snack.
Lucy: Oh, it is divine! (Note: It was not a banana flavored popsicle :-)

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