A Mother's Daybook - May 21

Thinking - Help me God! No seriously. I feel like this whole pregnancy, even back when we were just praying for another child, has been a serious mental/spiritual battle. And everytime I start to lose confidence in God or let go of his hand, I start to drown. Right now, that letting go looks this - once a week I throw a tantrum like a two year old, fussing about how I don't want to throw up anymore, I don't want to take Zofran, I don't want any more shots and I don't want my progesterone levels to go down anymore (I'm now on 2 shots a week because even with weekly shots, my levels went down, not up. I'll test again next week to see if that is enough), and I don't want any more side effects. Then God picks me up and dusts me off, I remember that I'm really blessed to be pregnant and we keep going. And each week I'm one week closer to the end. Depending on how bad the weeks been I may be thinking of the end as getting to meet and hold my baby or being done with pregnancy forever. Either way works.

Reading - Chaucer for Children with the ao forum. Despite the "for children" in the title, I'm pretty sure I would not be tackling this on my own. It's more...poetry. Poetry is really hard for me and chaucer has added challenge of being written in less than modern conventional English. But I am enjoying the challenge so far. I dropped the other big poem (Idylls of the King) I started this year so I'm determined to finish this one. And its more encouragement to continue making poetry a priority with the kids so that they have an easier time than I do. Both Idylls of the King and Chaucer for Children are scheduled for Y7 of the AO curriculumn. I can't say for sure that we'll still be using it then but I love the idea of them reading this at that age.

For lighter reading, I've started Eight Cousins (probably my Classic written by a woman choice for my challenge) and First Impressions: A Novel of Old Books, Unexpected Love, and Jane Austen. 

Eating - Back to cheerios and eggs after a few days of salads and nutritious goodness. But I haven't taken Zofran in 3 days and I'm feeling a bit yucky again. But I haven't thrown up since Friday (almost a week ago!) and the side effects of Zofran were beginning to outweigh the benefits. Each day has gone a little worse than the day before so I'll see where it levels out before declaring myself officially Zofran free - or not.

Finishing - My 2014 scrapbooks. They are one their way here! This is the first year I've given up on the idea of making individual pages in photoshop and just printing them with shutterfly and instead I used their program. It does make it a lot faster but I'm anxious to see the results. I have a feeling I'll end up preferring mine BUT I also know I prefer my scrapbooks to be completed within a year :-)

Now I need to start 2015 and get caught up before the baby comes. On the one hand I'm about 5 months behind, one the other, we haven't done a whole lot since the new year so I don't think it will take long. We do have one event coming up that will probably yield lots of pictures though.

Planning and Preparing - Our summer vacation! We're going camping for 4 days. It's the simplest vacation we've done recently but I'm still very excited about getting away. 4 days of family time sounds like bliss right now. We've only done one overnight trip with the kids so I'm not completely sure how 4 days will go but we won't be in a tent (we've book a yurt!) and we've just keep feeding them lots of fruit and hotdogs so what could go wrong?

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