Birthday Party Fun!

Lucy turns 5 next week. I know, I can't believe it either. We had her party yesterday. This is really the first fun friend party she had since the past two years were just with family and before that, the friends were mine and Craigs. She still wanted it to be small, just a few families. But even just us and four families made 14 kids so plenty of excitement and fun!

lucys5bdayparty 021

We managed to get everyone in a picture together. Most of these kids I've known since they were born so its so much fun watching them get bigger together. That's something I didn't have growing up and I'm glad Lucy and Jonah get to experience it.

We didn't have much scheduled other than letting the kids play at the park. Funny story about this park. It wasn't the park I thought it was. I was thinking of another nearby park when I wrote the invitations and that morning we followed the gps and I was really confused, thinking, hmm, maybe it's just taking me a different way. We get there and I see a big sign with the park name that I sent out in the invitation but I still didn't recognize it. I had never even been to this park! But it was a lovely park and no one else was confused so alls well that ends well but it did have me thrown for a bit. I had gone list crazy with this party because I was sure I would forget something but all the planning in the world still can not totally make up for pregnancy brain!

lucys5bdayparty 010

 Lucy changed her mind every single week about what type of party ever since February when I had my birthday and she knew hers would "be next." Finally, the week before, she picked Frozen. I obviously didn't go all out with the theme but we did have had frozen napkins, plates and a pinata.

My little adventurous Kristoff.

lucys5bdayparty 005

She started with an Elsa Cape to go with the crown but it quickly got taken off in the heat.

lucys5bdayparty 003

The one thing Lucy really wanted at her party was a pinata.

lucys5bdayparty 018

And she was serious about getting it open

lucys5bdayparty 032

lucys5bdayparty 033

Jonah was a little more relaxed and eventually just handed Craig the bat and asked him to take his turn.

lucys5bdayparty 025

She changed her mind about the cake about as often as she did the theme but when she picked cheesecake with strawberries on the side the weekend before the party, I reminded her several times she couldn't change her mind then off I went to the store. The next day she asked how I was planning on making it look fancy! Uhm, I wasn't :-)

But some friends came through with inspiration and I was able to easily cut the strawberries to look like butterflies and put them on top. Not really very frozen-ish but she loved them and the crisis was averted.

lucys5bdayparty 037

I need a few days to recover but everyone had a good time. Lucy said on the way home it was her "best day ever."

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