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Oh my goodness, what a couple of weeks of yuck. I'll try not to turn this into a complaint filled post but basically, all 5 of us got the flu. It was tricky one because Lucy got it first but her case was so mild (at least until it turned into an ear infection a week later), that I didn't even think it was the flu, just a cold. But no, by the time the rest of it caught it, it was quite obvious this wasn't just a cold. We're all still a bit worn down and some of us are fighting secondary stuff (ear infections, sinus infection, and bronchitis), we are at least on the mend now.

So we've done a whole lot of nothing - no school, bare minimum house work, and not even a lot of cooking. Two different friends brought meals which was amazing and then we lived off leftovers and freezer meals. The problem now is that we are bored. I don't think I've left the house other than to go to doctor since the 16th! And since I am still coughing and weak I don't want to go anywhere quite yet, for other people's sake as well as mine. We went ahead and kept everyone home from church one more week just to make sure but between our trip, a snow storm and being sick, that's 5 weeks of church we've missed. I feel like I haven't seen anyone in forever!

Having said all that, at least the weather has been nice. That meant that when we had a bit of energy, we were able to at least go out to the backyard, Norah and I lying on a blanket while the kids played. Although one time we went out and Lucy and Jonah tried to play but were so tired we all ended up just sitting in the grass looking at each other. And when even that was too much, we just all laid around the living room doing some bird watching and drawing in our nature journals. We are keeping a list of all the birds we see this year and were able to add three new ones just this week!

And Craig had just picked up a new batch of library books for me before the worst hit so Lucy has listen to all of Farmer boy on cd plus she, Jonah and I have been working on a set of books about Asia. So that February school slump I hear homeschool moms talk about so often, well, we didn't have that problem at all!

But I'm ready for March and hopefully a return to normal life. Please March, come quickly!

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