Nature and Relaxation

Saturday was our busiest day. We visited the aquarium, the botanical garden and the zoo in the morning and did old town and dinner out in the evening. Whew!




We also saw more "wild" nature with our roadrunner spotting in their yard. Here is Lucy's nature journal entry for the Roadrunner we saw. I won't share mine because her's is just as good if not better. Both kids took pictures of some cactus that they want to add to their nature pages next week. 

As I mentioned before, Lucy really wanted to go hiking in the dessert. And Craig wanted to get his natural parks passport stamp at the Petroglyphs National Monument so everyone was happy. Except Jonah who threw a fit because it was Lucy's sunshine day and she got to stamp the passport. But four out of five is not bad. 


He calmed down fairly quickly and they were both excited to be "mountain climbers!"





It may seem like we were on the go for our whole trip, we actually had quite a bit of time to just relax with family, playing games, cooking and watching the Superbowl. 

Jonah really loved their dog crate. Poor Leroy kept having to share his space with Jonah or one of his loveys or blankets. 

Yummy cake! Norah seems a bit upset that she can't actually eat any.



One of the two naps he finally gave into over the week. I'm not sure why he didn't want to take them, its not like he was alone with the pile of loveys he borrowed from his cousin. I guess he just didn't want to stop having fun. 

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