It's a Family Tradition

We love museums in our family. And luckily for us, Albuquerque has some pretty great ones for kids. This trip was especially fun for me because I remember visiting several of these same spots when I was a kid and teen. As an army brat, I don't get to do the "take the kids to the same places I saw growing up" thing very often so I really appreciated it. Although several things seemed much smaller this time around :-)





Both Uncle Rick's came with us which meant we couldn't possible skip the engineering themed exhibits!

Uncle Rick impressing his niece and nephew by braving the second story bicycle.



Flying the plane actually took a lot of concentration but Lucy was able to get it up a couple times.


Natural Science and History

Or, as the kids call it, the dinosaur museum! This one was pretty much exactly as I remember it. But still loads of fun for the fossil lovers. 

 Norah Jane was underwhelmed, or maybe just undernapped. 

I didn't get any pictures of us in the volcano section, which was "really scary" but I loved how proud they were once they passed it. Afterwards, Jonah said that was his favorite part. Lucy's was the eggshells found by a 3 year old. She really wanted to go hiking in the desert because "you never know mom, I could find something!" We did end up taking her see the Petroglyphs but alas, she did not find any fossils. Maybe next time. 

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