A Mother's Daybook - March 16

Getting - Caught up on life! With the exemption of a bit of daylight savings time woes (arg you daylight savings time! Every year I think, it won't be that bad, it's just an hour and then, no, it is that bad.) But I finally feel like we are starting to get back into our normal routine again. I love normal. It's so nice. I've been wanting to do another "day in the life" post but wanted to it to be at least somewhat reflective of our life. Of course, Easter is quickly approaching and last year's was pretty basic with the morning sickness all day every day thing and I really want to make this year's a bit more special so I probably should start at least thinking about that. Ahh, normal. Why do you never stick around long?

Enjoying - Sleep. Norah Jane just went through the oh-so-lovely 4 month sleep regression but unlike the other two, it seems to actually have been a phase and not the beginning of months of sleeplessness. She's still gets up a couple times to eat but is back to falling sleep on her own most nights and then sleeping a good chunk. And as long as we are home (and Jonah doesn't have a tantrum in the middle of it), she takes at least one good long nap in her co-sleeper every day. Easy babies are so, well, easy. And I'm glad we didn't have to move her bedtime too much earlier. I love having a bit of time with just her after the other two go to sleep. If she didn't start sleeping more, that was what I was going to try next. I'm not keeping her up to midnight or anything but the big kids go down between 7-7:30 so even an 8:30 baby bedtime gives us an hour to play and snuggle without interruptions.

Listening to - The Mulan soundtrack over and over and over again. Both kids, but especially Jonah, are obsessed. They aren't bad songs but there are really only four songs with words from the movie (the kids reject the weird 98 degrees song that is on the soundtrack but not in the movie). Four short songs. Which means if they want to listen to it for an hour, we hear each song 4-5 times. I feel like Donny Osmond is in my head all day long! But while I am getting a big sick of the songs, I think it will be a while before I get tired of watching Jonah "dance" to them. His dancing is basically running around making ninja arms and sidewards glance while yelling "I'll make a man outta YOU!" It's hilarious.

Watching - Once Upon A Time. Craig and I needed a new show since we've finished all of Doctor Who. We started this while we were sick and desperate and I like it. It's really different. But what I think I like more than that the show itself is having a show so we don't have to make a decision. I really hate the "Let's watch something, but what?" conversation. I don't always know what I want to do on a Friday night but I know it involves not making decisions about things.

Preparing - Copywork. Lucy's just finished up her first getty dubay handwriting book this week and I think we're ready to move to copywork. But now I have to think of copywork. I only want to give her 8-10 letters at a time so she can focus on making them very nice. I've noticed if I give her more, she does it without complaint but starts rushing. Anyone got any fun words or phrases that use less than 10 characters? I'm thinking we'll start with the names of everyone in the family but what then?

Enjoying - Spring! We were outside almost 5 hours yesterday. We just passed the 70 hr mark on my log which is good for winter but I'm really looking forward to seeing that number increase a little faster. And on a less reward orientation note, we've been able to add several things to our calendar of firsts. This spring seems to be about the same as last year but several weeks ahead of 2014.  Again, morning sickness last year meant not much got written down so this is really the first year we've been able to look at the past and see how things compare. I did notice that the next 2014 event to occur was the first tick. Now that we have the chickens, we don't have nearly the tick problem we used to so I'm hoping we can hold that off for another several months. But after that should be our tulips and those are a favorite. The kids are checking them each day and keeping my appraised on their growth.

I am dealing with a odd issue concerning Jonah and wind. He seems to be very worried that he will blow away. Everytime its gets windy, he starts to cry and scream to go inside because "I'm gonna blow away, help me!"I waffle back and forth between comforting because I know he's really scared and annoyed because he won't believe me when I promise him he won't.  I know Mr. Rogers had a segment on not going down the drain but blowing away is new to me. Any more experienced mom's have a tip for that one?

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  1. Hmmm, I have no advice, but, since I'm not the mom, I can laugh (it's so funny), not so funny when you are the mom, I know.

    I can relate, because there's things the girls tell me, and I reassure them they won't happen like they say, or that they are not like that (I mean, things I know for sure, not things only God knows about), and it also irks me that they don't have faith on my word.

    I may ask him to explain why he thinks that, where he's pick that idea from, to try to understand why he's made wrong connections with something founded, I'm sure. There's got to be something he has seen or heard that it's giving him that idea.