Norah @ 5 Months

Dear Norah,

You are 5 months old today! This has been a rough month for our family with sickness and stuff and I barely took any pictures. But you've managed to get through it was such a happy attitude so the few I took are good ones. You've finally decided to be a smiley baby and I'm so glad because I love your smile.

When you aren't smiling, you normally have someone's hands in your mouth (preferable who ever is holding you but you own will do if they have to)

or you are biting your lower lip. Both looks are cute on you. I love your expressions. Especially how expressive your "eyebrows" can be when they are practically non-existent.

You've started to really push up off your belly and Lucy and Jonah get so excited to see you (she's close to crawling mom! She'll do it soon!) and I would swear you know it so smile more and go up and down just to see their reaction. And you manage to scoot around pretty well. It's all a bit random still but I have to keep an eye on your because even if I leave you on the middle of the carpet, you'll often work yourself over to a corner or get stuck under a chair.

You're also getting pretty good at sitting up. You need a bit of help but you love to sit on a lap. You also love to bouncy. After my arms were wearing out, I pulled out the door jumper a few days ago and it's a hit. Especially when Lucy and Jonah are playing nearby. They have both figured out how to make you laugh which is fun. And now they insist on giving you a hug and a kiss before they will go to bed - which is tricky if you are taking your pre-bedtime cat nap. 

Sitting up so well means that you can join us at the table in your highchair now. You don't get food yet but plastic spoons are fun to play with and you just like being a big kid. I love watching you grab things and figure stuff out. It's like I can see your brain growing. You are a fan of people watching in general. You just want to see what everyone is up to all the time. Sometimes when you are on my lap, it's hard to keep you still because you want to see in all directions.

Sleep this month was a bit rough but things are looking up again, especially with naps. But you've started sleeping with your bum all tucked up in the air. The cuteness of that never gets old.

Oh baby girl, we love you so!

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  1. Hi, Nora.

    (She is the chubbiest cutest baby!)