Making Matza through the ages

Some people are great at milestone pictures - all the kids in front of the Christmas tree, on mother's day and the 4th of July. Me, well, the only consistent picture I can seem to get off the kids each year is us making matza. Which is odd but now that I've gotten it 6 times, I'm determined to keep it up! I don't care if I have to shove three cranky teenagers into the kitchen twelve years from now, I will make matza with them, they will have their picture taken and they will be happy about it (or not).

This year:

Now, let's go back in time...
Last year (at the grandparents house)





Oh, the cuteness! I'm so glad I've got a baby in my arms right now or I'd be craving another one!

We did manage to get a somewhat decent shot after Saturday's Easter egg hunt at church.

And this is our Easter morning shot before church. We thought we'd try later but kids changed into play clothes about 30 seconds after we got inside so no luck. Ah well, at least we have our matza pictures.

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  1. MacKenzie,
    A girl after my own heart (I hope that's how you say it)
    I love your humor, your style, and your family too.
    Being friends with you makes me feel young.
    Matza... how neat! We may have to give it a try!