Classic's Challenge - Miss Buncle's Book

I needed something a little lighter after Bleak House and this was perfect. This charming and quirky story is about a small village and the author who proceeds to turn it upside down, She doesn't mean to of course, its just that bills have to be paid and she doesn't want to raise chickens (although I don't know why not, we enjoy them so at our house) so she decided to write about what, or should I say, who, she knows. It made me laugh out loud. Really. It's not deep but it's gentle sarcastic, witty and fun.

Looking at the goodread's reviews before I decided on it, I saw several people compare it to Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and that's seems about right to me. It's what I expected the Miss Read books to be like before I actual got one of those and fell asleep every time I tried to read it. (Sorry Jan Karon, I like your books but not your recommendations apparently. Miss Read is not for me.)

It's the first of four novels about Miss Buncle and D.E. Stevenson was apparently quiet prolific but alas, this is the only one of hers my library has or I'd certainly be reading more when I need something undemanding. If you like charming English villages, little old ladies, cups of tea and a bit of gossip (only in the fictional world of course), I think you'll like this.

But speaking of "Old ladies," I just have to show you all something, This seems to be one of the original covers, or at least an older one.

That seems a bit harsh to poor Miss Buncle. I mean, yes, she is unmarried and maybe considered a bit of a spinster but I do believe the book put her at around late thirties or maybe early forties. But now the new cover...

that doesn't seem quite right either, does it? Even if the person on the cover could be late 30s, it definitely not who Miss Buncle is. So just don't judge this book its covers but what's in between them is pretty good.

Miss Buncle's Book is my Back to the Classics Challenge Classic by a Woman Author selection. Head over to Booksandchocolate for more info on the Classics Challenge.


  1. D.E. Stevenson Kindle books go on sale at Amazon fairly regularly, but so many of her wonderful stories are not digitized yet. (alas) You can sometimes find old paperback versions but the covers are AWFUL. Like 1970s romance novel awful and nothing like what's actually in the book.

    Another similar author is Elizabeth Cadell. Our library had a fairly large selection of hers. (Although they are often another example of terrible covers if they have editions printed in the '70s.)

    Another option: does your library offer access to digital libraries like the Overdrive app? I get a lot of books for my Kindle this way. (It works like the regular library with holds and lending periods but it's all digital.)

  2. Looks like a good title. I have not read Miss Read yet, and I have a big volume with a lot of her books.